Lilliput Review, #106

Cover art by Albert Huffstickler

- A Sampling of Poems -

Page 1

  Summon allusion
  Court mystery
  Twist, upend
  Reverse, reorder
  Strike random beats
  Obscure, obfuscate
  still cursed
  with clarity.
      Anne Reisfeld Boutte
      Houston, TX

 You must have some faith
 Let the blind dog show the way
 Follow the blind dog!

     Lynx Quicksilver
     Berkeley, CA

  Recycled murky oils of ancient responses
  Float on clear, liquid now
  Preventing spirit from entering

      James Livingston
      Minneapolis, MN


Page 6

  in silence
  come the stars
  the living and the dead
  one by one
  one by one
  like small birds
  and i wait for them
  arms outstretched
  my heart beating
  once a year
  once a day

      Jennifer Besemer
      Washington, DC   

Falling Lines
  Everyone dead in a living frame
  Everyone a poem of yellow leaves
  The humming of the whole, the report from
  Largeness, behind the yellow scene.
  Not living, yet informing, nor loving,
  Nor dying, but in all parts moving just the same.
  No poem in the yellow tree
  Yet a color that is like belief

          Steve Kirchoff
          Bozeman, MT

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