Lilliput Review, #107

Cover art by Wayne Hogan

- A Sampling of Poems -

Page 1

  Another year. Another millennium.

      John Cantey Knight
      Metairie, LA

The End of Writing
 To peer
 back into the fray

 And then the skittish finch whose hieroglyphs
 I track throught the blazing snow

 is gone

     Rochelle Hope Mehr
     West Orange, NJ

The Poem
  He spoke of the word,
  a fox, full of wild odors,
  surprising as a startled skunk
  underfoot. And how
  this other world strikes,
  a bit of venom for the proferred wrist.
  A love cry hangs
  in this eternal after-instant.

      Carol Hamilton
      Midwest City, OK


Page 2

December Dawn
  The sun comes up,
  reining a bleak wind.

  Love is never enough.

  Love is all there is.

      Jeanne Shannon
      Albuquerque, NM   

  Only when Iím
  writing do I
  understand my mother:
  that kind of
  caring that
  wants more for
  something to be
  than for itself
  to continue.

          Albert Huffstickler
          Austin, TX


Page 13

  Three ticks
  to midnight

  the music
  of her bones

      Bart Solarcyzk
      Pittsburgh, PA   

  morning glory buds
  within darkness,
  darkness within

      Dorothy McLaughlin
      Somerset, NJ   

yooper winter
  overnight clipper blow, morning white cover,
  icy sculpted eaves, curving vanilla drifts,
  chalky early morning paleness, soft smoothness,
  like bare last spring road-kill skull.

      T. Kilgore Splake
      Calumet, MI   


Page 13

  Any day



      Cid Corman
      Kyoto, Japan   

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