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Beneath Cherry Blossoms - The Lilliput Review Blog

Monday, 30 July 2007

New issues, a broadside and a chapbook ...


Today, the first batch of new issues goes out in the mail.  It takes nearly a month to get all the issues out, as there is much mail that needs attention.  The new issues are #'s 157 & 158.  157 is a standard anthology issue and #158 is a broadside by Mark Hartenbach, entitled Butterfly, Corkboard. 

In addition to the new issues, there is a brand new chapbook by Gary Hotham in the "Modest Proposal Chapbook" series, entitled Missed Appointment.  What follows is a taste of each.  From #158, a poem by Yosano Akiko, translated by Dennis Maloney.  For details on her life and career, click here for an informative Wikipedia article.




   Lying with my lover,

   From the bed I see

   Through the curtain

   Across the Milky Way the parting

   of the Weaver and the Oxherder stars!


Yosano Akiko (translated by Dennis Maloney) 



From the broadside Butterfly, Corkboard, issue #158:



   i will settle for lachrymose

   nostalgia is unaffordable



   i will scratch out lines

   that i don't feel responsible for


   i will squeeze in an interesting ancedote

   now & then



   but for the most part

   i'll sit in silence




   i won't be noticed



   there are no questions


   to jar me

   from this compromise


Mark Hartenbach


Gary Hotham is one of our finest contemporary haiku poets.  From his new chapbook, Missed Appointment, the following poem :


careful steps

rocking the boat

rocking the top of the ocean


Gary Hotham




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Updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2007 09:20 EDT

Wednesday, 1 August 2007 - 18:36 EDT

Name: "Brian"

Don -- thanks for the info and I like the blog - it will be good to have some heads-up that the new issues are coming

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