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Modest Proposal Chapbooks

Chapbook Series
The Modest Proposal Chapbook series is a spinoff of the parent magazine, Lilliput Review.  The chapbook series is intended to give poets an opportunity to stretch out beyond the normal constraints (i.e. size and line, both length & number) of a magazine such as Lilliput.  The series is by invitation only.  Typically, invitations are extended to poets who have a publication history in the magazine and, so, therefore, the best way to receive an invitation is to be published regularly in Lilliput Review

All chapbooks are $3.00, postpaid.
All 17 may be purchased at the discount rate of $45, postpaid. 
*** All payment should be made out to "Don Wentworth" ***
Missed Appointment, by Gary Hotham, #17
The Sixth Sense , by Christien Gholson, #16
A Thousand Paper Cranes, by Pamela Miller Ness, #15
Dusk Lingers: Haiku of Issa, translated by Dennis Maloney, #14
One Hand Clapping, by Charlie Mehrhoff, #13
Now/Now, by Cid Corman, #12
The Future Tense of Ash, by Miriam Sagan, #11
Half Emptied Out, by Lonnie Sherman, #10
No Choice, by Cid Corman, #9
The Silence of Arvo Pärt, by Gerrye Payne, #8
What Is Born, by Jen Besemer, #7
Kingdom of the Loose Board & Rusted Nail, by Chrisiten Gholson, #6
Getting Across, by David Chorlton, #5
Footprints and Fingerprints, by Gary Hotham, #4
Love, Death, Liquor & Ink, by Lonnie Sherman  #3
Inhaling the Dead, by Steven Doering, #2
Color & Light, by Lyn Lifshin, #1
And, from Sun-Beams Out of Cucumbers Press
excerpts from Reticulated Days in the Lives of a Regular Man
by Ron Androla   (1997). $2.00
Reticulated Days contains excerpts from the small press journal of the poet Ron Androla.  It is offered as a cautionary tale, a slice of history, and a dram for that what ails ya.

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