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Lilliput Review is a print magazine founded in 1989 and dedicated to the short poem.  The magazine's normal format, 4.25 x 3.5", reflects its name and that focus.  It is published every 90 to 120 or so days, two issues at a time, with every 4th issue being a broadside featuring the work of a single poet.  All poems submitted should be 10 lines or less, with a 3 poem maximum per submisssion.   All manuscripts must be accompanied by a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) or IRC (International reply coupon) with sufficient postage for their return or they will be placed in the trash.  All poems should be previously unpublished, unless noted.  Payment for work accepted is 2 copies of the issue in which the work appears.  Reporting time is 60 to 90 days. No electronic submissions considered.

Lilliput Review was a 2006 nominee for an Utne Reader Independent Press Award for "General Excellence" in the category of Zines.  For more information see the Utne Reader, November-December, 2006 or January-February, 2007 or click here

Subscriptions and sample copies of back issues of Lilliput are available according to the price schedule listed below.  All issues from #2 through the current issues (#'s 155 & 156) are in print.

Subscriptions & Sample Copy Price Schedule
      1 issue     = $1.00 or a SASE or 2 stamps
      6 issues   = $5.00 
     15 issues  = $10.00
     Institutions: 12 issues = $12.00
Payment should be made out to:
             "Don Wentworth"


#154 - Sample pages

Back Issue Archive - Sample Pages

Modest Proposal Chapbook Series

Lilliput Review
Don Wentworth, Editor
282 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15201
<lilliputreview @gmail.com>

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Dedicated to the memory of Albert Huffstickler

Click here for Huff reading "Education."


There is a brand new index to Lilliput Review, Issues 1-158, done by the poet, editor, and indexer extraordinaire, M. Kei Click here.
Check out the new Lilliput blog, Issa's Untidy Hut, for current news and highlights from past issues.  More samples from past issues may be found at the Back Issue Archive.

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Email queries, comments, and corrections to Don Wentworth at the email address above.
Last updated: December 2, 2007