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#154 - Sample pages

Art by Guy Beining

Review, #153


postcard to Houlihan

     The perfume of the petals,

      the tone of the chimes.


      Both scent and sound

      are borne away

      by the wind.


     Even Krishna gets the blues.

     Doug Stone

Page 13

Iambic Pentameter

     Oh, I will be your executioner.

      What do you want from me?  Expect

      milk, honey, flame, sleet and night,

      stark daylight, love – yes, love – in handfuls, streams.

      Big Bone Lick, Beaver Lick, horseflies, hands full

      I tell you, you will fall, swoon, drink of me.

      I will cup my hands, offer myself up.

 Jennifer Thompson

National Poetry Day

     This being that fine occasion

      to honor appreciative friends

      with a wisdomy verse

      pulled from one’s hip,

      I am telling myself to first

      keep straight my pockets

      so as to not go

      blow my nose into

      William Carlos Williams.

      Richard Swanson



























      Unable to touch

      The hot tide of blood

      Beneath my tender skin.

      Do you feel lonely

      Teacher of the way?

 Yosano Akiko

translated by Dennis Maloney

                       Page 2

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