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Broadsides For Sale $1.00, 3 for $2.00
***All payment should be made out to "Don Wentworth"***
Broadsides, featuring the work of one particular poet, are published
as regular issues of Lilliput Review.  Currently, every fourth issue is
a one-poet broadside.
Shorties - Jack Collom
Butterfly, Corkboard - Mark Hartenbach
11 Poems - Pamela Miller Ness
Spiral - Christien Gholson
For Cid - Alan Catlin
The Plot - Albert Huffstickler
Fish Ladder - Miriam Sagan
Only - Cid Corman
Dearly Departed - Albert Huffstickler
And - David Chorlton
Highku - M. Kettner
3 Poems - Lonnie Sherman
Slides - Hugh Fox
Selected Wu Songs - Linda Joan Zeiser
Small Exchange - John Elsberg
You Don't Say - Cid Corman
Pre-Dawn Cycle - Albert Huffstickler
Old Man Sez Young Man - ave jeanne
Trimmed Lamps & Kerosene Barrels - Richard Houff
Winter Prayers - Christien Gholson
spectacles of poverty - scarecrow
Poéte Maudit - T. Kilgore Splake
15 Sexual Haiku/Senryu - Michael McNeilley
Circles Within Circles - Albert Huffstickler
Views of the Site - David Chorlton
Mad Women & Dead Men - Lyn Lifshin
4 Poems - Tracey Erin Finnerty
Twlight on Trinity - Albert Huffstickler
Tibetan Gun Flower - Charlie Mehrhoff
seasons of the body, ... - Christien Gholson
Erie Beat - Lonnie Sherman / Ron Androla
A Soft, Slow Ride - Steven Doering
Tangled Vines - Lyn Lifshin
Angelus - Louis McKee
Hard Transparencies - Harry Calhoun
Red Hot Restaurant - Lonnie Sherman
19 Poems - Charlie Mehrhoff
The Speed of Our Dreams - David Chorlton
soft megaphones - Sheila Murphy
in the thick - Tony Moffeit
Waltzing in a Sealed Garden - Steven Doering
9 Poems - Lyn Lifshin
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